Ferdinand ‚Marshall’ Karl
Born in Vienna in 1955.
Scholar of Ernst Fuchs. Freelance artist as of 1980, numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Has been working as ethnographic photographer in the South Seas since 1995. As freelance ORF filmmaker has realized documentaries on renowned personalities in culture and science (e.g. Fritjof Capra, Rupert Riedl, and Ernst Fuchs). Lives and works in Vienna.


Fernweh nach dem Paradies, Mikronesien, Leben in der Südsee
Ferdinand Karl / Gabriele Weiss, Weishaupt Verlag 1999

Oasen der Südsee, Die größten "Kleinststaaten" der Welt, Ostmikronesien: Marshall-Inseln, Gilbert-Inseln, Nauru
Ferdinand Karl / Hermann Mückler, Weishaupt Verlag 2002

Gerald Y Plattner
Born 1959 in Schladming.
After graduating from High School, and academic studies in Vienna and Salzburg, extensive travels through North America and Europe followed. Has been working as freelance press- and commercial photographer in Germany since 1979, illustrated article for “Stern” Magazine. Since 1983 director of photography and production manager at A1 Plus-Film Productions in Vienna. Formation of Yeti Agency and Film Production in Schladming in 1985.
Worked as ORF editor for “Wissen aktuell”, “Teleskop” as well as “Kunststücke” in the 1990ies, and created the documentary films Ölspur, … und am Anfang war das Öl.
In 1997 promoted an IT-firm focusing on web design and consulting. Since 2005 freelance photographer. Lives and works in Vienna.

have worked on various art and film projects since 2002.
They presented “Fusionen” in 2004.
In 2005 they founded Society for the Documentation of Arts and have been developing the concept for [ARTist]s and [SCIENTist]s, a filmic cultural memory of Austria.

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